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The COVISION Children's Research Advisory Group (CRAG)

What is the COVISION CRAG?

A Children’s Research Advisory Groups (CRAG) help researchers make their research more useful and understandable from children and young people’s point of view.


The COVISION CRAG has an important role, advising the COVISION research team on every aspect of the project. By doing this, they are helping children become more resilient in the face of future pandemics and disasters across the globe.​


Joining a CRAG is entirely voluntary. The COVISION RAG has six members aged 13-17 who meet on-line via Zoom about once a month. They have met 12 times,  from  October 2021 to November 2022.

The story so far

As the project progresses, the CRAG has advised the adult research team on:

  • How to reach out to children and young people on-line.

  • Design of our on-line survey tool and publicity materials.

  • Creating a promotional video.

  • Contributing young people's perspectives to our evidence reviews.

  • Planning for our COVISION co-design workshops ... and more.


We produce a one-page monthly newsletter COVISION NEWS, which you can download and read here.

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